Human Resources

Human Resources

Our Objectives

Attracting, improving and maintaining qualified and skilled labor in accordance with the corporate culture.

Our Recruitment-Placement Process

Our Human Resources team evaluates the entire applications and communicates thereof with the relevant departments in accordance with the requirements. You may file your applications directly to RTRMAX Head Office or online via our website. After this process, your applications shall be evaluated by our Human Resources team and feedback regarding the outcome shall be delivered to you.

Salary-Fringe Benefits

• The position of the employee as well as the technical knowledge and experience thereof shall be considered while determining the salary.
• Salary rise is applied for the employees in periods determined by the public authorities in consideration of the inflation rate and the performance of the employees.


Various seminars are offered to the employees as a result of the quality service conception embraced by RTRMAX.
These include;
• Training on “RTRMAX Products” for the newly recruited employees within RTRMAX,
• Performance enhancing trainings on matters deemed appropriate as a result of reviews performed by our Human Resources Department on the employees,
• Trainings are provided or funded for our personnel based on their positions with the opportunity to improve themselves (English language courses, computer courses, etc.).

Are you the right person for RTRMAX?
Then, we would be glad to know you.

If you take initiatives and willing to create a safe and better path for yourself, if you strive for accomplishing your own ideas with entrepreneur spirit and create a difference in your works, then you perfectly fit in.

We have been seeking for team members willing to display their dedication, skills and capabilities on a daily basis. You can be the person to join us, not willing to stop upon achieving success, constantly striving to achieve goals with a new passion, endeavoring and working to protect our employees, our values and our corporation in the long-term.

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